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South Coast (private tour)

Magic land with diverse landscapes of farmlands, amazing waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches and spectacular rock formations…


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” A powerful cascading waterfall “

“The Trout Fall” is the largest and the most spectacular waterfall of river Þjórsá. It is also one of the most voluminous waterfalls in Iceland. The average water flow is 360 m³ / sek. A relatively unknown but a very spectacular and powerful waterfall full of beauty, an ideal place for photographers with beautiful surroundings.


” A highly picturesque waterfall “

A picturesque waterfall of an unusual high of 65m, irrigated by the river Seljalandsá, itself fueled by Eyjafjallajökull glacier. One of the most popular subjects for photographers. As water flows overhang, it is possible to take a path that allows going behind the waterfall. From there, the sight is simply divine. You will discover how fun it is to sneak and disappear behind the water curtain and be out of world for a moment… You will be dazzled by this magnificent site, the power of the water, the beautiful rainbows which go through the waterfall due to the sunlight and the vapor droplets. Sometimes the wind seems to move the water curtain. A magical show of the nature…


” A waterfall hidden in a canyon “

Also called Gljúfrabúi, this interesting waterfall is carefully hidden behind a narrow opening in the mountain. Listen the deep roaring, echoing sound of the falling water and become an explorer to find out this magical and intimate place which keeps the purity of a place out of time.


” The most iconic waterfall “

One of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland and one of the 5 largest in the country. An iconic symbol with a width of 25m and a drop of 60m. Getting so close to the base of such a large waterfall is a quite rare experience. You can also enjoy it from above : there are stairs that lead to the top. The view from there is stunning. On sunny days, you can see a single or a double rainbows which are formed with the powerful water splashing.


” Experience the field of ice of this gorgeous glacier “

A popular branch of Mýrdalsjökull, which is one of the largest glaciers of Iceland. You can experience the natural contrasts of the region: vast stretches of black sand and craters which suddenly give a way to bright walls of white ice, with blue highlights – huge and majestic. The spectacular surroundings are marked by rugged and dramatic rock formations thoroughly shaped by the glacier. These wonders reflect the perpetual struggle between fire and ice.


” A naturally formed arch in a cliff, shelter of birds species “

The name Dyrhólaey means “door hill island” in Icelandic. This curious rocky arm is piercing with a shape which forms a door, an opening to the ocean… It is also a natural parc, sanctuary of birds, where you can observe many species especially the puffins, living symbol of Iceland. From there it is possible to admire a landscape of raw beauty formed by the long beaches of black sand, the unleashed ocean, the cliffs with rugged shapes, formed by a piling up of basalt columns.


” Black volcanic sand beaches and spectacular rock formations “

This black sand beach is often considered one of the most beautiful in the world. From there you can observe the Reynisdrangar, these lava columns sculpted by the waters, which emerge from the ocean. These dark and towering formations, the highest is 66m high, are the remains of the piling up of cooled lava. According to the legend, they are ancient trolls who have been surprised out of their caves

Vík í Mýrdal

” A lovely village with a strong character “

It is the most southerly village in the country. After Vík í Mýrdal, nothing else except the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Its church, a white building with a red roof located on a hill, proudly dominates the modest houses of this village. The ocean on one side, the imposing cliffs of Mount Reynisfjall on the other side. Its isolated location and its magnificent environment have made the character of the village. The wind, the water and the time have carved the different rocky buildings that surround it. There is no place for the superfluous : it is nature, rigorous and beautiful, which lays down the law.

During the trip, you can enjoy the sight of the glaciers : Eyjafjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull, Vestmanna islands and volcano Hekla. (Depending on the weather conditions).

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