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Golden Circle Extended
(Private tour)

The most iconic historical and natural attractions of Iceland with a relaxing end of tour : a bath in a natural hot spring…


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” Nature & History at the National Park “

An unusual place in the world. Over thousands of years the geological movements have formed what is now the land of the national park. An ancient glacier warmed up, a rift between the tectonic plates has been opened, a volcano extinct. All of this makes the incredible character of the landscape of this region. The nature is luxuriant, some flamboyant colors contrast with the dark ground. The park’s wildlife is also very rich. The place has also a great historical meaning : the world’s oldest existing parliament established since 930. At the south of the park is the lake Þingvallavatn. It is the largest natural lake in Iceland. Because of the peculiarity of the ground, the lake ecosystem is particularly abundant with flora and fauna extremely diversified. Since 2004 þingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is considered to be a national treasure.

Geysir & Strokkur

” Hydrothermal features & erupting hot spring “

Two perfect examples of the raw power of Icelandic nature. Geysir, a geothermal field located in the southern part, is a set combining hot springs, a dome and a volcanic cone, which are the remains of an old volcano. This volcanic area became active for about a thousand years. Geysir may reject a column of boiling water in the air, up to 70 meters. However its eruptions are not frequent. However Strokkur is extremely active and never stops. Every 5 or 10 minutes, hot water rises up from it and could reach 30 meters up. Its power as much as its regularity always impress the visitors. The pools of boiling mud (with boiling water and steam) that are located in the geothermal field are also a curiosity not to be missed.


” Amazing powerful waterfall “

The waterfall of Gullfoss is named « The Golden Waterfall » due to the rainbows that offers golden colors above the gorges on days with a good weather. The waterfall up of 32 meters are nourished with the soft water of Langjökull glacier. The water rushes noisily in a large canyon. Some bright droplets, hanging in the air, decorate it. When the weather is fine, you will be able to go down next to the falls and approach closer to the gorges. You will letting yourself taken away with the powerful and incessant sounds of the waterfall. The Gullfoss site is a true natural treasure, a symbol of the delicate and wild Icelandic landscapes, an unforgettable vision.


” Colorful lake at the top of a crater “

This place is both surprising and enchanting. This is a crater with ocher and orange stones that contrast with the turquoise milky waters of a lake located at the top. It is said that if you put your head under the water, you can hear the volcano breathing…


” The Fjord of Whales “

On the way back, we will explore this unique place, known and visited by a few people… These fjords are the longest ones in the southern part of the country and are bordered with a lot of waterfalls. The place is named like this because of the great numbers of whales which can be seen from this place. One of the biggest stations of whales study was located there at the end of the 20th century. With a little chance, you can observe one of these enigmatic animals. The surroundings are composed of interesting formations of rock and moors.

The Secret Lagoon

” A relaxing bath in a natural thermal pool “

After an exciting day rich of emotions and explorations, we offer you to relax in the warm water (38-40°C) of this natural thermal pool. From there, throughout the year, you can also observe small geyser eruptions and during winter, with a little chance, stare at the wonderful phenomena of Northern Lights.

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