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Northern Lights & Secret Lagoon

The fascinating natural phenomenon of Northern Lights, the dancing colors and shapes in the dark arctic sky. One of the most mesmerizing experience in a lifetime combined with a bath in a natural hot spring…


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Northern Lights & Secret Lagoon
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Chase the Northern Lights

An explosion of colors in the dark night, a striking phenomenon of beauty, a magical memory to bring back in your luggage… Who has never dreamt of attending this enchanting show led by mother nature in the Northern Sky ?

In scientific terms, northern lights – or aurora borealis – are caused by cosmic rays, solar wind and magnetospheric plasma interacting with the upper atmosphere. But after all, this explanation does not matter when you attend, completely amazed, at this dazzling show of beauty. The pulsating colors – from green to blue, sometimes red or yellow – split the darkness of the night and give off a bright light sometimes stronger than the moon. The shifting and changing shapes create one of the finest show of the sky and of the nature.

Iceland is among the best destinations in the world, to become a lucky observer of this natural event.

From September to April, when the sky is clear, we will go hunting this unpredictable and unique phenomenon, far away from the city lights, looking for the best possible point of observation. One of the advantage of our tour by Super Jeep in small group is the possibility to adapt our itinerary according to the area and activity of the northern lights.

For this tour we recommend to wear warm clothes and shoes and also to take your camera and tripod.

Do not hesitate to take the plunge and join our tour : the northern lights will be for sure the peak of your stay in Icelandic lands.

Note : The Northern Lights Tour is dependent of weather and sky conditions. Sightings can not be guaranteed. A decision is taken daily whether the tour will be operated or not. If you made a booking, we will contact you to let you know if the tour is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather.

The Secret Lagoon

On the way, you will have the opportunity to take a relaxing bath at the Secret Lagoon, in a natural hot spring, so do not forget your swimsuit 🙂

The Secret Lagoon is located near the small town of Flúðir, in the Golden Circle area. The natural hot spring has been part of Flúðir´s tradition throughout the years, with the desire to keep it natural and unique. A quiet place where you can enjoy the true Icelandic experience.

The pool is at a comfortable temperature of 38-40°C, all year around, which makes it an ideal place to relax. During the winter time, the northern lights often show up above the Secret Lagoon which makes it even greater : to be in the hot pool and enjoy the northern lights dancing in the sky.

The lagoon is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes with several geothermal spots, like the Little Geysir, next to the pool, who erupts every 5 minutes, for the joy of all visitors. It is even more impressive to watch it erupting while you are floating around the Secret Lagoon…

This treasure of the nature, not crowded, with wonderful natural surroundings and steam rising into the air will give you an unbelievable magical feeling. You will love the peaceful, laid back atmosphere…

Note : Entrance ticket to the Secret Lagoon is included in the price of the Tour

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